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Luminița Malanca
May 2017, 2 min. read

Customized happenings for employees, teams and organizations

What we do at Busiess Saga and how we can help you

Do you have a vested interest in developig people and teams? Do you want to know how to effect culture change in your organization? Or you may be looking for practical solutions to drive performance? Then you are in the right place!

At Business Saga, we create the right happenings for the development of your employees, teams and organizations by combining all the right ingredients.

Want to find out more? We have recently launched a new product for you: Happenings Saga!

What is Happenings Saga

In a world where not only the outcomes matter any longer, but also how you come to achieve them, reaching one’s full potential, creating long term value and personal satisfactions are relevant topics.

Apart from the traditional business oriented mindset focused on performance, strategy and objectives, organizations, teams and employees strive to build new professional networks and communities.

Happenings are built around the organization’s objectives and the employees’ characteristics. Thus, making it the optimal development experience. Happenings Saga sums up what we at Business Saga do and how we can help you do your best even better.

What are the experiences Business Saga offers

Focusing on development, recreation or a mix of both, Business Saga offers support in the design and delivery of:

  • Teambuilding events
  • Team development workshops
  • Theme events
  • Success celebrating events
  • Organizational alignment events
  • Business meetings
  • Organizational social responsibility events
  • Business partners, clients and suppliers joint events
  • Wellbeing events

What to find out more? Happenings Saga brochure is available on demand!

About Business Saga

Present on the market since 2010, Business Saga sits at the intersection of consulting and learning, combining a capability-building approach with access to practical problem-solving resources.

We design and deliver experiences that are interactive, challenging, and fun, thus allowing our partners and participants to take away and apply the skills and tools to improve themselves, their teams and the organization.

We bring innovation to people and organizational development, focusing on learning as a process and not as a stand-alone event. Our approach is directed at building personal, peer and management accountability for supporting learning in the workplace.