Case in point: Insurance industry

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Jan 2017, 1 min. read

Aiming to strengthen their strategic and long-term partnership, Business Saga and its insurance client continue to develop their collaborative relationships in 2017.

This top industry player has chosen Business Saga as a consulting and learning solutions provider since 2012, in the context of a series of sales force and sales process optimization initiatives. Like many other organizations, the client was facing the challenge of harmonizing them to ensure sustainability. As part of the ongoing cooperation efforts, Business Saga designed and delivered a high-impact framework of personalized learning dedicated to their frontline management. The proposed strategy ensured consistency on messages, as well as the appropriate level of commitment, ownership, and preparation of those involved to lead and produce visible results during the process of change.

The two partners have and count on the further development of this mutually beneficial collaboration, the range of services offered by Business Saga having multiplied and diversified consistently over time: from consulting services involving the frontline sales force to the top management team, local to country-wide interventions, to support in the actual implementation of learning and development initiatives across the organization.

About Business Saga

Present on the market since 2010, Business Saga sits at the intersection of consulting and learning, combining a capability-building approach with access to practical problem-solving resources.

We design and deliver experiences that are interactive, challenging, and fun, thus allowing our partners and participants to take away and apply the skills and tools to improve themselves, their teams and the organization.

We bring innovation to people and organizational development, focusing on learning as a process and not as a stand-alone event. Our approach is directed at building personal, peer and management accountability for supporting learning in the workplace.