Build a tower. And so I did!

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Ivona Funaru
Oct 2017, 1 min. read

“We are not here to play games, but we are going to have fun. We will not be building based on instructions, but we will follow a process. We will not search for right answers, but we will find those that are right for us.” This invitation made me very curious to discover how LEGO®Serious Play® can add value for me and for others involved in a development process or in solving challenges.

If you are raising a skeptical eyebrow right now, let LEGO® Serious Play® bust these 5 myths for you:

1. Playing is just for children.

Use your native curiosity and courage to experiment new things. Build your perseverance, try again and move forward. Play!

2. Some people are not so creative.

LEGO®Serious Play® helps you think out of the box and step out of your comfort zone. You will discover how your hands and your imagination working together can create meaningful blocks.

3. What I see is what I get.

The story behind is important. One that leads to reflection and brings a boost of knowledge. Be curious about discovering others’ stories because it will help grow your own story.

4. You can’t please everybody.

Build a shared model and you will see how combing, adding, sizing and resizing will lead to better results. The outcome is a shared idea or a team’s joint approach. Does it lead to engagement?  100% yes.

5. The answers are the most important.

A good question is worth more than a thousand answers. Keep exploring and addressing different perspectives and you will discover a multitude of valuables answers.

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