A new partnership for Business Saga

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Jan 2017, 1 min. read

Business Saga announces a new partnership with a major worldwide management consulting firm, a leading player in the industry.

Our collaboration covers the People & Organization intervention area, involving joint assignments both locally and at regional level. The two entities thus join forces in delivering high-impact organizational change and transformation projects. As part of this partnership, the companies are currently consulting on a strategic organizational transformation project in the telecom industry.

“We are both honored and extremely pleased to have been invited to partner with a global business consulting firm. This partnership ensures our clients have access to top-level organizational transformation expertise, while maintaining a custom, entrepreneurial approach to projects. Each new assignment represents a valuable opportunity for us to become even better at what we do”, stated Septimiu Popa regarding the recent partnership.

About Business Saga

Present on the market since 2010, Business Saga sits at the intersection of consulting and learning, combining a capability-building approach with access to practical problem-solving resources.

We design and deliver experiences that are interactive, challenging, and fun, thus allowing our partners and participants to take away and apply the skills and tools to improve themselves, their teams and the organization.

We bring innovation to people and organizational development, focusing on learning as a process and not as a stand-alone event. Our approach is directed at building personal, peer and management accountability for supporting learning in the workplace.