What we do

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Personalized Assignments
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From gaining entry to planning and implementing action, we approach atypical assignments with a view to gaining trust and being genuinely helpful, customizing solutions to meet your needs and expected outcomes

Assesment and Learning Programs
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Be it recruitment processes, development processes or organizational change initiatives, we can assist you in making accurate decisions and taking the right measures with relevant assessment, learning and development solutions

Meetings and Events Facilitation
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We can adapt our approach for a variety of meetings and events, organizing our diagnosis to understand the outcomes you seek, building agenda and content to meet your goals, as well as facilitating the event or preparing you to host it

1:1 and Team Coaching
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We provide individual and group coaching tailored to allow participants to get to know themselves and achieve their full potential, develop mutual understanding and trust with collaborators, as well as support others in improving their performance

At Business Saga, we sit at the intersection of consulting and learning. We focus on the people side of the business, providing solutions to address challenges in four areas: aligning individual, unit and organizational priorities to achieve performance, changing the way teams and individuals work towards results, making agile choices part of the day-to-day discipline of productivity and leveraging talent for the future.

We combine a capability-building approach with access to practical problem-solving resources; we design and deliver experiences that are interactive, challenging and fun; we allow our partners and participants to take away and apply the skills and tools to improve themselves, their teams and the organization.

We bring innovation to people and organizational development, focusing on learning as a process and not as a stand-alone event. Our approach is directed at building personal, peer and management accountability for supporting learning in the workplace.

We provide integrated tools for

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Inspiring Participation

Discuss benefits of learning

Help set goals

Outline expectations

Creating Opportunity

Discuss content and outcomes

Refine goals

Support action planning

Encouraging Application

Provide coaching

Model behavior

Reward behavior

Building Sustainment

Provide continuous coaching

Provide ongoing feedback

Our collection of practical resources, fully designed, ready-to-use materials and tools can also be accessed independent of our involvement if your organization prefers to oversee delivery and implementation.