Our culture

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The story of storytellers begins with a community of interests, that of a group of people united by a shared passion for making things happen. In this community, people are dedicated to making a meaningful contribution today and consistently working to forge a better tomorrow.

The story continues with people who dream big and pursue their goals with determination. They are open to one another, open to seize opportunities and believe success comes from the right partnerships.

It is enriched by people of different backgrounds and with a variety of experiences and abilities. People that bring together action and analysis, enthusiasm and rigor, individuality and teamness, creativity and structure. People who keep curious about new perspectives and ways to meet goals. People who approach every experience as an opportunity to learn, as a deliberate trial of adaptation.

This is our story.

Meet the Team

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We are always on the look-out for the next great storyteller to join our team. Are you ready for a new adventure? Then, read on!

What makes a great storyteller?

A curious mind, a taste for approaching a good challenge with flexibility that allows for adaptability, strong writing and presentation skills and the drive to achieve greatness one client success story at a time. We welcome fresh graduates and experienced professionals alike.

What can you expect out of your journey as a storyteller?


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Teamwork is the foundation upon which Business Saga is built. Here, you will find no boundaries or hierarchies, only a shared ambition to deliver excellence to our clients. Each storyteller’s individual skill set is valued and everyone contributes to solving challenges. By blending complementary strengths, we are stronger as a team and more equipped to focus on the things that matters most for our clients.

Exciting assignments
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At the core of our work is transferring expertise and providing the tools our clients need to solve their business problems. Companies engage us for custom projects that address various people-related challenges, to deliver assessment and learning programs, to design and facilitate events, as well as to work with selected staff in a coaching relationship.

Continuous learning
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We constantly renew our commitment to unlocking people’s potential, to empower people and help them take responsibility for their future. Continuous learning sits at the heart of this commitment. You too will constantly be challenged to learn and grow. To learn from training, from assignments, to learn on your own, from your colleagues or together with them.

Interested in bringing your unique talent to the table?

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Drop us a line at oana@business-saga.ro and let's talk about how you can become a storyteller.